GRIDCON® Module & Station

Systems in outdoor installation for capacitive/ind. Power factor correction, for harmonic filtering up to 9 kHz, for special applications

Compensation systems of the GRIDCON® Module and GRIDCON® Station series as single- or multi-stage systems in metal-enclosed, containerized or concrete station design meet the wide range of requirements from industry and the utility sector.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  1. Plug & Operate, hardly any installation work at the site of operation due to complete disassembly at the factory extensive tests before delivery

  2. Solutions for every climate zone, ventilation or air conditioning according to requirements, cold, heat, storm and dust are locked out

  3. Maximum safety, safety for the operator thanks to complex safety concept, fault arc tested metal-encapsulated equipment

  4. Reliable operation, easy maintenance, intellectual plant layout facilitate service and maintenance, maintenance concept for the entire plant

  5. Partial dynamic systems, combination of switchable, static compensation stages with dynamic system components to partial dynamic cost-efficient solutions

  6. Everything from a single source, MR accompanies your plant from conception - including measurements, studies as well as dimensioning - through production and delivery to installation and commissioning

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Product Information

  • Reducing operating costs:
    GRIDCON® Module & Station reduces operating costs by reducing the reactive power relevant for invoicing.
  • Reducing equipment wear and maintenance instances:
    GRIDCON® Module & Station prevents equipment from overheating by reducing harmonics and removing reactive power from the grid.
  • Preventing production disruptions:
    GRIDCON® Module & Station ensures compliance with the voltages specified in relevant standards and prevents impermissible distortions.
  • Obtaining and retaining operating permits:
    GRIDCON® Module & Station ensures compliance with grid connection requirements and makes grid connection possible by complying with the required reactive-power regulating ranges.
  • Handling system services:
    GRIDCON® Module & Station helps provide system services for grid operators.
  • Reducing investment costs and maximizing equipment utilization:
    GRIDCON® Module & Station can be modularly expanded and flexibly adapted to future consumer structures.

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