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Intelligent Sensors

Engineered to work together

Long-term, operationally reliable and cost-efficient operation of a system even in the limit range:

This is possible if its characteristics and limit values are compared with the current condition and measures are derived from this. With its intelligent sensors, MR offers the best and most practical monitoring of transformers. The field devices provide solutions for all aspects of the power transformer system. They ensure permanent and efficient operation, process the physical and chemical measured variables, make this data available and provide recommendations for action.


Remember: Problems with the active part cause 45% of transformer failures! What if there is a new sensor family which makes continuous DGA monitoring…
+ Easy handling
+ Highest quality standard
+ Economical


Winding problems cause 45% of all transformer failures. The online oil analyzers of the MSENSE® DGA series ensure a measurably longer service life for…
+ Precise monitoring of the primary leading indicators hydrogen, carbon monoxide and humidity
+ Optional fault classification of thermal and electrical faults by detection of CxHy
+ Maintenance-free and without additional operating materials


When power transformers fail, the costs can get high. Online fiber optic temperature monitoring by MSENSE® FO precisely detects the winding…
+ Continuous, real-time recording of the winding temperature
+ Early detection of potential hotspots, enabling service-life management
+ Effective overload management with ETOS®


According to CIGRÉ, defective bushings are responsible for 17% of all transformer failures and about 50% of all transformer fires. Online monitoring…
+ Secure early detection of errors, aging and failure risks
+ Patented double reference process eliminates environmental and operational impacts
+ Reduced operating costs, predictable maintenance and investment protection


On-load tap-changers are among the most important and critical components of power transformers. It is therefore crucial for grid operators, to be…
+ Indicates faults at an early stage that are not detected with other online monitoring methods
+ The self-learning algorithm guarantees easy integration into any transformer and can be used for a wide range of tap-changers from other manufacturers.
+ Integrated system solution through flexible combination options with other ETOS® modules


Large quantities of goods are transported worldwide every day – the more valuable the goods, the more important it is that these goods arrive…
+ Continuous monitoring of transport operations leads to significantly reduced transport damage
+ No possibility of tampering, thanks to seamless documentation of accelerations, shock occurrences, temperature and humidity
+ Adjustable alarm limits and recording intervals for adjustment to individual needs
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