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Transformer Automation


The growing number and greater average age of power transformers, and increasingly more demanding technical requirements on monitoring, control and regulation, are presenting growing challenges for the work of asset managers and grid management.


MR has over 20+ years of experience in automation and digitalization of transformers and gained valuable lessons from tens of thousands of projects around the world and listening to our customers helped us in prioritizing and making strategic portfolio decisions of our continuous ETOS® developments. At MR we believe in the value of standardization, of system integration and of transformer intelligence to increase reliability, to detect incipient faults, to assist with issue resolution and to increase flexibility and maximize the intake of renewable energy sources.

Intelligent and modular.

Intelligent and modular.

Our solution for the automation of power transformers is called ETOS® (Embedded Transformer Operating System) and is the world's first open operating system for intelligent transformers.

We offer a manufacturer-independent system for monitoring, controlling and regulating power transformers. Depending on the customer's requirements, the desired range of functions can be implemented on a modular basis - for different types, power classes and areas of transformer application.

ETOS® can be easily integrated or retrofitted in any environment. On one transformer or an entire fleet.
And best of all: This added value is absolutely system cost-neutral for you!

ETOS® – Modular function packages

Drive OLTC x (Top Drive) x (Side Drive)
Transformer Monitoring o o o
OLTC Monitoring x x x
Bushing Monitoring o o o
DGA Monitoring o o o
Voltage Regulation o o o
Cooling Control o o o
x: standard
o: optional


The standalone version of ETOS® lets you evaluate and record all relevant operating data of your power transformer, such as monitoring the tap-changer…
+ Modular scope of function, ability to expand to individual needs
+ Smart monitoring and control as the basis for networked transformers
+ ETOS® replaces several control cabinets


In addition to driving the tap-changer, ETOS® ED lets you evaluate and record all of the relevant operating data from your power transformer, such as…
+ Proven drive function for tap changers
+ Reliable monitoring of transformers
+ Cost-saving operation, cost-efficient implementation


In the ETOS® TD drive for tap changers, the energy is made available precisely where it is needed – i.e. at the tap-changer cover. The drive commands…
+ Innovative drive for tap changers
+ Benefits during the manufacture and operation of power transformers
+ Smart monitoring and control as the basis for smart transformers


With MCONTROL®, we provide high-quality touch panel displays for visualization. These displays are available in two sizes and for various conditions…
+ Fast Plug & Play installation in station buildings
+ Intuitive graphical menu structure for user-friendly operation
+ Connection of up to 10 MR servers (e.g. ETOS®)
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