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Our common foundation: respect and trust

Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with the best and most efficient suppliers worldwide, based on mutual respect and trust.

In this regard, we strongly emphasize the following

  1. Quality

    To be able to meet the constantly increasing requirements and demands of the market, and therefore, of our customers, the quality of our products and services takes top priority

  2. Reliability

    We believe that acting responsibly and keeping our promises is the foundation of mutual cooperation

  3. Sustainability

    The foundation of cooperation is the responsible use of natural resources and sustainable company management

  4. Social responsibility

    Both in our company and at our suppliers, we pay attention to complying with the standards of social responsibility – our actions are based on regulations, laws and our Code of Conduct

  5. Future Viability

    As a future-oriented company, we rely on partnerships on an equal footing

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Opening hours:

Monday till Thursday: 6:30 am - 3:30 pm
Friday: 6:30 am - 1:00 pm


In addition to public holidays in Bavaria, the goods receipt is closed on the following days:

Friday, 10.05.2024
Friday, 31.05.2024
Friday, 16.08.2024
Friday, 04.10.2024
Friday, 20.12.2024 to Tuesday, 31.12.2024

Delivery Address (unless otherwise specified in our order):

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH
Werk Haslbach
Weidener Straße 20 (Tor 7)
93057 Regensburg

The careful selection and development of our suppliers is performed continuously in accordance with the MR "Sourcing Excellence Model" as described in the supplier manual

Supplier portal for suppliers that are already registered

Supplier portal for suppliers that are already registered

Our supplier portal is the central platform for maintaining your company and contact data as well as for handling defined business processes (e.g. request process, complaints) between MR and our suppliers


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Applying as a supplier at MR

Applying as a supplier at MR

Are you interested in working together with us on a long-term basis and with mutual trust?
To register as a potential supplier for MR, please enter your details in the application form for suppliers

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