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Stable and cost-effective power supply in industry

To ensure that power-intensive industrial processes continue to run reliably and cost-effectively even in the energy system of the future, we are introducing our extensive power quality expertise and the system solutions we have derived from this wherever a reliable and feedback-free power supply is critical. Whether in steelworks, in electrolysis, in mining operations, in automotive production, or on ships – our active filters reliably ensure a stable power supply. Moreover, our ECOTAP® VPD is a cost-effective solution for preventing voltage fluctuations in industrial grids.

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More power for Phoenix

The hunger for electrical energy in Phoenix, Arizona is growing rapidly. To enable more electricity to flow into the metropolis, Reinhausen has been awarded the contract for the demolition, planning and construction of a new substation.

Get the most out of Green H2 - with proven MR Solutions

The emission targets can only be achieved if massive amounts of green hydrogen are produced soon. For this to work, it also depends on the clever use of components such as on-load tap-changers.

Waste water generates energy

Recycling something which has already been used is one of the most important principles of sustainability. Hamburg is implementing this on a grand scale, with its wastewater treatment plant also generating electricity for the plant as well as for Hamburg’s residents.

Asian industry uses voltage regulation distribution transformers in the fight against fluctuating grids

Voltage fluctuations are problems for industrial companies in all of Southeast Asia. Regulated distribution transformers protect production. The ECOTAP® VPD® takes on the task of regulation.

Putting an End to Harmonics in Industries

Harmonics can bring entire industrial operations to a halt. With the modular system "Total Harmonic Solution", Reinhausen Power Quality provides a useful tool to combat these unwanted grid disturbances.

Power Quality in shipping: Cleaner grids

Technology from Reinhausen helps ship grids remain stable, both on the high seas and at ports with an environmentally friendly shore power supply.

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