Standard-compliant grid integration of wind and solar power

New ideas and pioneering technologies are the key to ensuring that the adaptation of existing grids to changed requirements is technologically successful and remains affordable. As the specialist for the regulation of load flow and power quality, we are continually developing our solution portfolio in dialog with grid operators and transformer manufacturers throughout the world. MR control systems already allow transformers to be dynamically overloaded based on demand (dynamic transformer rating), which helps to avoid grid bottlenecks and expensive re-dispatch measures. In order to drive forward grid expansion for the energy transition, we are working on innovative high voltage transmission line towers made of high-performance composite plastics. And our subsidiary HIGHVOLT offers a test procedure that reliably detects faults in high-voltage cables when connecting offshore wind farms, to name but one example.

Clean power grid with high-frequency filters

Wind turbines supply environmentally friendly energy. But it can place a strain on electricity grids. At a wind farm in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate region, a high-frequency filter system from MR keeps the grid in perfect working order.

Weatherproof cable testing for offshore wind parks

IEC standard 63026 dictates the resonance method for testing cables in offshore wind parks. Reinhausen subsidiary HIGHVOLT has designed a weatherproof testing system.

VRDTs for Australia's distribution grids

In Australia, the growing amount of solar power leads to more and more frequent voltage fluctuations. Grid operator Western Power therefore relies on regulated local grid transformers (VRDTs).

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