Affordable energy transition and CO2 reduction

Climate change and the rapid growth in population are the greatest challenges facing society. Prosperity has to be assured for a growing number of people – yet with ever lower CO2 emissions. As a step toward achieving this, the energy supply needs to be converted from fossil fuels to wind and solar power very quickly. Due to changing load conditions, the energy transition will require a comprehensive redesign of the grid infrastructure – both in the transmission and in the distribution grids. New ideas and pioneering technologies are the key to ensuring that the adaptation of existing grids to changed requirements is technologically successful and remains affordable. As the specialist for the regulation of load flow and power quality, we are continually developing our solution portfolio in dialog with grid operators and transformer manufacturers throughout the world.

Five theses on the future of power grids

Futurologist Lars Thomsen shows why the energy industry should act quickly and what it stands to gain.

Storage at all network levels

Climate change, climate crisis, climate collapse - these are the terms used to describe what is probably the greatest challenge of our time. The only solution is to phase out conventional energy sources. But what does this mean for the power grids of the future? The future lies in storage systems for all grid levels.

Test systems for the energy revolution

Test systems from HIGHVOLT help make sustainable electricity generation possible. This overview shows how!

Climate change, energy revolution and the future of power grids?

The energy revolution is the only thing that can put the brake on climate change. This means that, by 2040, grids will have to transport up to 50 percent more power.

A new design for utility poles

The energy revolution will only work with a massive expansion of the power grids. But new lines are often met with resistance. A design study funded by the European Union seeks to change that.

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