Components and solutions for transformer manufacturers

From small de-energized tap-changers for distribution to premium on-load tap-changers for HVDC applications – we already offer a comprehensive portfolio for distribution and power transformers: on-load tap-changers, sensors, displays, protective devices, voltage regulators, monitoring systems, fittings, and bushings – all complemented by a global network of application and service specialists. Get everything you need for intelligent transformers in future-proof grids from a single source and with the performance promise of the market leader: high quality, pioneering technologies, fast and reliable logistics processes, and excellent value for money. We are enabling our customers to optimize their value chains with ever simpler and more powerful components, products, and systems.

Oversized de-energized tap-changers

If a de-energized tap-changer has to maintain a huge test voltage of 1,000 kV and switch 112 kV in a single step, you need real experts. That is why Canadian transformer manufacturer PTI came to Reinhausen.

The most powerful transformers in the world for a 1,100 kV HVDC line in China

Siemens supplied 28 transformers for the converter station of a high-voltage direct current transmission (HVDC) project in China. And they included tap changers and composite hollow insulators from Reinhausen.

"We are in a growth market with the VRDT"

Since 2012, Saxon-Bavarian Starkstrom-Gerätebau GmbH (SBG) has been delivering series-production VRDTs (regulated local grid transformers). Since then, they have become established as standard operating equipment for energy providers.

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