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Culture change? Now!

Our employees have made us the world market leader with power and passion. This required not only the right products and services for our customers, but above all a mindset characterised by cooperation, mutual support, high quality standards and pronounced customer orientation even in the remotest parts of the world.

The energy sector in particular has also been shaped by changing markets, new customer demands and the movement towards sustainability for several years. It quickly became clear: in order to continue to be successful and to be able to actively shape the energy transition, in order to provide energy in a smart and sustainable way, this requires us to critically question our previous thinking and actions and, where sensible and necessary, to develop them further for the challenges of the future.

And so, together with our employees at all our locations around the world, we have embarked on a joint "journey" to further develop our corporate culture at key points. Our goal is to be able to successfully implement our ambitious corporate strategy as before with the appropriate thinking and action and thereby position the Reinhausen Group as a successful and attractive company. The result was four cultural role models that give us orientation in our daily work: Bringer Together, Simplifier, Pioneer and Customer Understander.

To ensure that this succeeds, we come across the culture models again and again: in feedback dialogue, in our promotion and leadership programmes, in culture workshops, discussion rounds with our managing directors or videos of our colleagues around the world. A real movement "around the globe" has emerged, where our employees can systematically develop themselves.

But it is also crucial that new colleagues with distinctive competences strengthen us globally along our cultural role models. Become an important part of our cultural movement, Welcome to Reinhausen - where Power meets Passion!

This means quite concretely:

  1. As connector, we bring the right people to the table, give each other direct and open feedback, for successes and also when cooperation does not work so well.

  2. As simplifiers, we focus on what is really important, the 80% solution is enough to start with and is then improved step by step, we make things easier for others.

  3. As forerunner, we have to take courageous risks and also support others in doing so; doubters have to work really hard to dissuade us.

  4. As a customer understanding company, we want to understand challenges and needs even better in the future and make our customers successful through digitalisation and sustainability.

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As simplifiers, we want to start quickly and easily, and often the 80% solution is enough. We then go through the final stages together with our customers and successively expand the solution through feedback. With the campaign "Say: Are you a simplifier?", we looked for small and big stories about simplifying - for real cultural role models from our own ranks. In our blog, our colleagues have told us what they have already successfully simplified and how they have managed to do so even against resistance. Are you a simplifier? Then join our team!

Customer Understander

There is no question that understanding customers is important; after all, the success of the company depends on satisfied customers. However, this does not mean that only Area Sales Managers and Business Developers have to be customer savvy, but that every one of our employees has to be. By means of interviews from the Reinhausen world and offered Reflect workshops with customer-facing functions, we have created a better understanding and action initiatives to better understand the needs of our customers and offer the appropriate solutions. Are you a customer understanding person? Then join our team!


Is cooperation at the interface taking longer again? No one answers the phone? This has happened to everyone at some point in their working lives. According to the motto "Achieving more together", we have established the model of a second workplace. Everyone has the opportunity to work on the premises of another team. The aim of the initiative within the framework of our cultural model "Bringing People Together" is to make rapid progress on common issues through direct exchange, to break down barriers to establishing contacts and to expand one's own network in the process. Are you a connector? Then join our team!


One thing is clear, moving forward is often uncomfortable. Especially when it comes to making decisions that require courage. Under the motto: Get out of your comfort zone! we have presented examples and interviews from the Reinhausen world that hit the mark. For example, it's about trying out completely new marketing channels in social media with new customer groups, convincing our customers to use the simplest product prototypes, live broadcasts for customers all over the world from our studio - it's not about "doing it perfectly", it's about being daring. Are you a forerunner? Then join our team!

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