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Epoxy resin bushings

Busbars (monoblock) and epoxy resin bushings

MR offers a range of products manufactured in epoxy resin (various systems available). These bushings are a reliable and cost effective solution for LV terminations and have a number of advantages over traditional LV porcelain bushings.

Solutions in epoxy resin range from post insulators to bespoke termination plates all supplied and tested to the relevant specifications.

Epoxy resin bushings CEDASPE® MON
Rated voltage 1.1 kV - 3.6 kV
Maximum rated current 1700 A - 4000 A
Nominal creepage distance 64 mm - 148 mm
Standard reference EN 50336, IEC 60137 (formerly BS2562)
Rod design Rigid Conductor
Rod material Copper
Isolator material Cast resin
Special surface treatment Tinplating / Silverplating
Misc Standard "F" flange facing

CEDASPE® MON (Monoblock/Busbar)

The Cedaspe® MON monoblock offers four current ratings: 1700 A, 2500 A, 3150 A and 4000 A and fits on a standard "F" flange facing. As a standard,…
+ Updated version of the historical standards BS 2562
+ Voltage up to 1.1 kV
+ Current up to 4000 A
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