Power Quality

Quality starts with the voltage.

A stable energy supply with a standard-compliant voltage is an important economic success factor for all applications and is often a prerequisite for grid connection. System perturbations due to insufficient voltage quality result in increased costs and could even cause business processes to break down. Power quality solutions at your place of business contribute to voltage stabilization, compliance with standards and grid connection requirements and a significant increase in grid efficiency. We offer tailor-made solutions for a variety of applications.

GRIDCON® Active Filter

Modular active harmonic filters for any application: Our 4-wire active filter is optimized for filtering single-phase loads, and protects against…
+ Voltage control enables sensorless operation without current transformer, often with better results
+ Automatic compliance with permissible harmonic limits according to EN 50160 / IEC 61000 / IEEE 519 standard
+ Broadband filtering prevents additional heating of equipment by selectively reducing voltage distortion up to the 51st harmonic

GRIDCON® Harmonic Filter Portfolio

Our portfolio offers passive and active harmonic filters to achieve standard compliance for power networks of all voltage levels. Even…
+ Broadband attenuation in the higher frequency range up to approx. 10 kHz
+ Compliance with permissible harmonic limits according to EN 50160 / IEC 61000 / IEEE 519 standard
+ From products with fast delivery time to turn-key projects


GRIDCON® STATCOM enables efficient implementation of voltage stabilization and load-flow optimizing measures.
+ Modular system approach enables power scaling up to 50 Mvar
+ Compact design for high installation versality
+ Adoptable to each medium voltage level


Compensation systems of the GRIDCON® POCOM®, POCOS®, POCOL® series offer maximum flexibility in the smallest space. Standardization and flexibility…
+ Modular and flexible design, modular cabinet design - functionality in the smallest of spaces
+ Fast and reliable, checks and function test already before delivery
+ Maximum operational safety, arc fault qualification for fault currents up to 50 kA

GRIDCON® Power Factor Correction

GRIDCON®  Power Factor Correction systems are mainly used to compensate electrical motors that are connected directly to the mains rather than via a…
+ High power density of up to 500 kvar in a standard control cabinet
+ Variable: different variants available for capacitive and inductive power factor correction
+ Standard systems: Short delivery times for 7% or 14% choking due to standardized design


With GRIDCON® SVC systems, dynamic reactive power up to 150Mvar can be provided for the compensation of powerful loads such as arc furnace or rolling…
+ Robust technology with worldwide applications in industry and distribution networks
+ Direct connection up to 34.5kV possible
+ Unified control platform for all dynamic GRIDCON systems

GRIDCON® Module & Station

Compensation systems of the GRIDCON® Module and GRIDCON® Station series as single- or multi-stage systems in metal-enclosed, containerized or concrete…
+ Plug & Operate, hardly any installation work at the site of operation due to complete disassembly at the factory extensive tests before delivery
+ Solutions for every climate zone, ventilation or air conditioning according to requirements, cold, heat, storm and dust are locked out
+ Maximum safety, safety for the operator thanks to complex safety concept, fault arc tested metal-encapsulated equipment


Turnkey solution for climate-neutral supply of vessels in port facilities.
+ Modular and cascadable converter solution in the MW range
+ Services from 4 MVA module size
+ Ready-to-connect solutions according to standard (6.6 kV / 11 kV)


Energy storage is making a vital contribution to the energy transformation. It allows for ancillary services in the grid and optimizes energy…
+ Modular design of hardware und software
+ Scalable from 90 kVA to 3.6 MVA, 64 kWh to 2.4 MWh
+ Power Quality functions integrated


Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen offers customized system solutions for the provision and supply of reactive power in high and medium voltage grids to…
+ Combienert harmonic filter and capacitive power factor correction
+ Effective reactive power management and voltage regulation
+ Compact design, low losses, high availability


Customized solution for increasing supply security in sensitive networks and for critical consumers
+ Avoidance of production downtime
+ Ultra-fast compensation of voltage dips and sags
+ Modular and scalable concept

Customer Specific Solutions

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen offers customer-specific special solutions to avoid inrush current peaks and transient voltage fluctuations when switching…
+ Project-specific design for onshore or offshore applications for medium and high voltage
+ Dimensioning and supply of switch-on damping resistors for transient-free switching on of transformers and filter circuits
+ Premagnetization devices for switching transformers
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