GRIDCON® Power Factor Correction

With passive systems, actively reduce electricity costs

GRIDCON®  Power Factor Correction systems are mainly used to compensate electrical motors that are connected directly to the mains rather than via a frequency converter. Such motors or other consumers with a low power factor cosφ place strain on the grid by drawing reactive power in addition to their active power consumption. Local supply of this reactive power by means of compensation systems relieves the burden on the supply grid and reduces losses.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  1. High power density of up to 500 kvar in a standard control cabinet

  2. Variable: different variants available for capacitive and inductive power factor correction

  3. Standard systems: Short delivery times for 7% or 14% choking due to standardized design

  4. Flexible - For all voltage levels up to 690V

  5. Modular: Expansion as required and simple service possible due to appropriate design

  6. Dynamic: fast power factor correction through the use of thyristors

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