Dynamic network stabilization and reduction of harmonics through static var compensation

With GRIDCON® SVC systems, dynamic reactive power up to 150Mvar can be provided for the compensation of powerful loads such as arc furnace or rolling mill equipment and large drives in mining applications as well as for voltage stabilization in industrial and distribution networks.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  1. Robust technology with worldwide applications in industry and distribution networks

  2. Direct connection up to 34.5kV possible

  3. Unified control platform for all dynamic GRIDCON systems

  4. Compact design allows flexible installation of the thyristor stacks in buildings or mobile container solutions

  5. Variable concepts for cooling possible by using water/water or water/air heat exchangers

  6. Maximum reliability through redundancy at different system levels

  7. Ideal Plattform for retrofit of old SVC systems

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Product Information

  • Reducing operating costs:
    GRIDCON® SVC dynamically improves the power factor at the grid connection point, thereby supporting compliance with contractually stipulated connection conditions.
  • Preventing production disruptions:
    GRIDCON® SVC improves grid stability by reducing harmonics and through dynamic supply of regulating power.
  • Reducing investment costs:
    The standardized, modular system architecture for the GRIDCON® SVC power-electronics platform makes it possible to offer cost-efficient solutions tailored to both the customer’s needs and the application in question with reduced engineering and manufacturing work.

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