Compensation of voltage dips for critical loads

Customized solution for increasing supply security in sensitive networks and for critical consumers

Your Advantages at a Glance

  1. Avoidance of production downtime

  2. Ultra-fast compensation of voltage dips and sags

  3. Modular and scalable concept

  4. Increased security of supply independent of the grid operator

  5. MS/NS connection possible

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Product Information

  • Prevent production disruptions:
    In order to safeguard production processes, GRIDCON® DVR is connected in series between the supply transformer and the load. This has almost no impact on the short-circuit capacity of the grid. Protection measures that are already in place can remain unchanged. GRIDCON® DVR offers protection against voltage dips and increases. Voltage is corrected in real time (< 1 ms) when the deviations in the input voltage are in the range from 30% to 120% of the nominal voltage.
  • Optimizing quality costs:
    GRIDCON® DVR is compact and can be expanded with modular components, allowing it to be used for everything from individual systems all the way to entire grid sections. The system does not require a battery for power storage, and is easy and inexpensive to operate.

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