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Voltage Regulation

Voltage regulation for reliable system voltage

> 50 years of MR voltage regulators

> 1,000 satisfied customers

> 100,000 units sold worldwide


For more than 50 years, voltage regulators of the TAPCON® series have stood for uncompromising reliability. The extensive experience is concentrated in the new TAPCON® generation, which offers maximum flexibility with regard to current and future requirements. In addition to simple control tasks, complex special applications such as three-winding transformers, transformer banks, phase shifters or shunt reactors can also be controlled.

Simple, modular and powerful - A milestone for voltage regulation of power transformers

A stable voltage in the grid plays a special role. Volatile power generators are typical for modern energy supply - and they pose new challenges for the automation of substations and the voltage regulation of power transformers. We offer powerful and modular products for the various challenges in voltage regulation, which can be easily and conveniently adapted to your own situation.

TAPCON® voltage regulators have maximum ability to communicate and, depending on type, support the common control system protocols IEC61850, IEC60870-5-101/103, DNP3 and MODBUS.
They contribute as a result to station automation.
For flexible and comfortable voltage regulation.

ISM® Technology basic / pro / expert
Application recommendations Modular and customizable premium standalone AVR for special and individual requirements. Standalone AVR for standard applications. Standalone AVR for standard applications especially for the US market.


Our more than 50 years of experience are concentrated in the latest TAPCON® generation. The result: probably the best voltage regulator we have ever…
+ New intuitive operation
+ cutting-edge graphical display
+ ISM® Intuitive Control Interface (IICI)


Limit Volt is a separate monitoring device that monitors the controlled system of a high voltage transformer.
+ Monitoring the regulated line voltage (under- and overvoltage)
+ Monitoring and blocking of switching commands from the voltage regulator if the voltage is outside of the permitted range
+ Return to desired tap position of the tap changer


The new generation TAPCON® 230 with a new design and significantly improved hardware and software functions. The concept of the new TAPCON® 230 is…
+ Minimal start-up time
+ Intuitive use, no training needed
+ Maximum flexibility and security in communication


The standard voltage regulator for the North American market. Regardless of whether simple control tasks or complex requirements - the TAPCON® 250 can…
+ TAPCON® Dynamic Set Point Control (TDSC): Our answer for a dynamic voltage regulation in the grid.
+ Variety of adapter panels provided for existing transformer control units
+ Communication standards such as DNP and IEC61850
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