Asset Management

Asset management is about taking measures that lead to the best possible asset performance and availability. Accordingly, asset management must be sound yet flexible and as cost-effective as possible.

When optimizing CAPEX and/or OPEX, it is not possible to use just any new technologies. All measures must be consciously weighed against each other and planned. In an internal release process, you must pay attention to absolute accuracy. We understand that, especially with existing systems (sensors, field devices, protocols, etc.), it is necessary to evaluate exactly what can be replaced or remain in service.

With the goal of maintaining a clear understanding of the condition of your fleet of equipment and each piece of equipment, we combine the data from your field devices and the results of your substation inspections with our expertise. To do this, we use algorithms and artificial intelligence to build a digital twin.

We want to provide you with the best possible support in the further development of your maintenance strategy. Based on clear facts, we show you what we can achieve for you with existing data and field devices/sensors and at which points we would suggest renewal.

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TESSA® Asset Lifecycle Solutions

Customer Portal
+ Your MR products and documents at a glance
+ Service recommendations for your MR on-load tap-changers
+ Intuitive configuration management for ETOS® and firmware updates
+ Quick access to MR‘s asset management software solutions

+ Keep your fleet of transformer under control: actual events and asset ranking enables you to prioritize actions
+ Combine the results of on-site-inspections, manual measurements and your online data to fully understand the asset status and its trending
+ Additional focus on the analysis of oil, including trends, historic views and norms - we are bringing online DGA and the results of your oil probes together
+ Take advantage of recommendations, based on algorithm and artificial intelligencebr
+ Centralized storage of all measured and analyzed data provides historic views and individual comparison

+ Open operating system for the digitalization of power transformers
+ Smart monitoring, controlling and regulating for networked transformers
+ Modual scope of function, easily upgradable

+ Collecting all data for a safe operation of power transformers
+ From online DGA to online bushing monitoring, MSENSE® provides a full portfolio of intelligent sensors
+ ETOS® and MSENSE® – a perfect all-round solution for maximum reliability of equipment
+ All from one source – ONE solution partner for the entire power transformer system

TESSA® Performance Verträge
+ PLAN: Actual condition of the asset to identify problems
+ DO: Identify necessary actions to improve failure and lifetime status
+ CHECK: Analyze actions with regards to financial perspective
+ ACT: Implement what makes technically AND economically sense

Remote Service (24/7)
+ Expert advice during installation and commissioning
+ Immediate support during troubleshooting
+ Preservation of budgets through avoidance of travel expenses
+ Free and user-friendly remote software with augmented reality function

Transformer Services
MR has an extensive service portfolio that covers the entire life cycle of your transformer, with maintenance, servicing, technical upgrades and modernization.
+ OLTC Services
+ Transformer Services
+ Transformer Digitalization

We are supporting you in the challenges of today:

We are supporting you in the challenges of today:

Lack of transparency about the asset-condition
► Current status of aging assets based on planning data

No consistency in valuation schemes
► No standardized and comparable evaluation of asset risks

Error-prone evaluations
► Manual evaluation of large, non-standardized Excel tables

High damage in case of system failure
► Legal consequences as well as technical and financial damages in case of system failure

Know-how – Decline
► Number of experts for system relevant assets is decreasing - knowledge is lost

Inconsistent planning and prioritization
► Possibility of non-calculated risks in maintenance and investment planning

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Relevant Services

Available Transformer Services

Performance Contracts and Consulting Transformers

With our TESSA® Performance Contracts, we offer unique solutions tailored to your needs. Benefit from our know-how and place the responsibility for your transformers in our hands!


Routine Services

From simple maintenance and repair measures to thermographic assessments or diagnostic measurements – with our Routine Services, emerging faults can be detected early and eliminated in a plannable manner. For maximum availability of your transformers!

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