Asset Management

We combine your field devices and the results of your inspections with our know-how. Therefore we are using algorithms and Artificial Intelligence and are building a digital twin.

Asset performance management is about taking measures that lead to the best possible system performance and availability. Accordingly, asset performance management must be based on clear facts, yet flexible and as cost-effective as possible.

We are supporting you in the challenges of today:

We are supporting you in the challenges of today:

Lack of transparency about the asset-condition
► Current status of aging assets based on planning data

No consistency in valuation schemes
► No standardized and comparable evaluation of asset risks

Error-prone evaluations
► Manual evaluation of large, non-standardized Excel tables

High damage in case of system failure
► Legal consequences as well as technical and financial damages in case of system failure

Know-how – Decline
► Number of experts for system relevant assets is decreasing - knowledge is lost

Inconsistent planning and prioritization
► Possibility of non-calculated risks in maintenance and investment planning


As an asset performance management software, TESSA® APM supports the planning of maintenance measures and investments through standardized and…
+ Monitor and evaluate the condition of all assets using selected interpretations
+ Make use of MR experts’ evaluation standards
+ Use comprehensible, standardized software application that can be individually configured by user
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