High Voltage Insulators

Composite Insulators for high voltage substation application

The Power Composite Division is today the No. 1 supplier of high voltage insulators. Due to the multiple production technologies Power Composites is in the position to fulfill all worldwide customer requirements.

More than 30 years of competence in composite materials for highest electrical and mechanical requirements

All insulator designs are qualified acc. to the international standards IEC 61462 and IEC 62217 and additional customer specifications. Our materials are sourced from renowned high quality suppliers with tight quality controls. The product designs have been proven by severe artificial pollutions tests and more than 30 years of superior performance in the most severe environmental field conditions.

ReCoTec® LSR-Injection

ReCoTec® hollow composite insulators for high voltage apparatus offer a number of advantages. In addition to fulfilling all requirements of IEC 61462…
+ From 24kV AC up to 1.100kV DC and AC
+ Different cylindrical and conical shaped designs
+ Excellent hydrophobicity with less than 24 hours recovery time

ReCoTec® HTV-Extrusion

Following the same quality standards as ReCoTec® LSR-Injection Technology the HTV-Extrusion process allows a variety of profiles and is designed to…
+ Up to 1.100kV DC/AC up to 12,5m
+ Different cylindrical and conical shaped designs
+ Tracking and erosion resistance

ReCoTec® HTV-Injection

Grasim Industries Limited and Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) are running a Joint Venture with a state-of-the-art CHCI (Composite Hollow Core…
+ From 72,5kV up to 400kV
+ Optimized design with special attention to the triple-point protection
+ Standardization for high volume

ReCoTec® Post Insulator

Together with the corrosion resistant flanges and the tracking/erosion resistant silicone housing the ReCoTec® Post Insulator fulfill all quality…
+ All voltages ranges up to 1.100kV
+ Adaptable shed profiles for EHV- and UHV-DC-application
+ Eco-friendly nitrogen gas- or solid foam-filled solution available

ReCoTec® with Integrated Optical Fibers

The integrated fiber-optic cables can be used for instrument transformers, post insulators and bushings to transmit measurement and optical signals…
+ Individual fibers for different application available
+ Fiber unit up to 24 single fibers
+ Hollow core design and gel or gas filled versions


With ROTAFIL® products Power Composites offers high-quality wounded insulating cylinders made of epoxy resins with a laminate glass fiber construction…
+ FRP tubes up to 12,5m
+ Available diameters up to 1200mm
+ Suitable for highest electrical and mechanical requirements
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