Safety relays

Protective relays for gas and leak detection

Protective relays are used to prevent serious electrical faults in the transformer. They detect the presence of fault gases or leaks in the oil system. After detecting a fault state, they are activated and thus protect against serious equipment damage.

Protective Relay RS2001

The protective relay RS2001 is designed to protect on-load tap-changer and the transformer during a malfunction within the on-load tap-changer or the…
+ RS2001 specially designed for MR tap changer
+ Protection degree IP 66
+ Inspection Window


CEDASPE® CPR is a protective device specially designed to detect failures in the rubber bag with the risk of air getting inside the conservator. The…
+ BTS - quick delivery on selected variants
+ The first smart element in case of rubber bag failure. Conservator application
+ Waterproof - IP 65 protection degree


CEDASPE® OC is a protective device specially designed to detect potential gas generation inside the tank and is suitable for hermetically sealed…
+ Waterproof - IP 65 protection degree
+ Large inspection window
+ Inlet diameter: 38 mm


New cost-effective MODBUS-enabled protective relay for liquid-immersed distribution transformers. Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen is very pleased to…
+ Four different safety and monitoring functions in one device
+ Only device fully following IEC 60076-22-1
+ Easy to connect via standard MODBUS interface
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