Terminal boxes for CT accomodation

CEDASPE® TBX is designed to offer an easy, fast and reliable solution for connecting CT wires inside the transformer to external measuring/monitoring systems. It has a compact flanged aluminum body for easy attachment to transformer walls with welded studs or screws. This solution surpasses the limits of traditional epoxy plates. The cover, also made of aluminum alloy, is hermetically sealed and protects the terminals. The terminals allow for the connection of wiring inside and outside the transformer and are specially designed to prevent unscrewing during assembly or wiring operations.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  1. Equipped with an external identification plate and internal numbered plate for terminals

  2. Compact design and easy attachment (plug-and-play product)

  3. Wide variety of sizes and number of terminals/sizes

  4. Anti-rotation and non-loosing terminals

  5. IP 65 protection degree

  6. Available sizes: XS-S-L-XL (from 1 up to 53 terminals)

  7. Mutiple entries for cable connections (max. 5)

  8. Suitable for fiber-optic sensor applications

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