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Silicone bushings

Bushings for MV applications (IEC standard) designed with future requirements in mind

The Silicone Bushing Composite (SBC) range, comprising the latest technology for bushings, is the response to the ever-increasing demand for an efficient and reliable product that can help optimizing the total operational costs of the transformer. This use of silicone technology ensures that the bushing is safe and maintenance free, and therefore has a longer service life.

Silicone bushings CEDASPE® SBC
Rated voltage 12 kV - 52 kV
Maximum rated current 250 A - 4500 A
Nominal creepage distance 505 mm - 1690 mm
Antipollution level From P3 up to P4
Standard reference IEC 60137
Rod design Rigid stem / Split / Drawlead
Rod material Brass & Copper
Insulating body material Silicone composite
Special surface treatment Tinplating / Silverplating
Misc. Multiple copper rod customizations, multiple connection styles


The SBC series are maintenance-free, hollow-core, liquid-filled bushings based on EN 50180, and are tested in accordance with IEC 60137. The…
+ Maintenance-free guarantee
+ Fully interchangeable with DIN/EN standard bushings and suitable for retrofit
+ Partial discharges free
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