MESSKO® EI 100/160

Electronic indicator

The EI 100/160 electronic display enables the remote display of a temperature or percentage value of any sensor. This is displayed using an analog pointer instrument and a digital LCD display. The installed drag pointer can be reset manually. The input signal is 4 - 20 mA and the supply voltage is 24 V DC. The EI 100 can be mounted in the control cabinet with clamps or a stand. The larger EI 160 can also be mounted directly on the transformer. The EI 100/160 is the ideal addition to devices with analog output (4 - 20 mA)

Your Advantages at a Glance

  1. Remote display

  2. Attachment in the control cabinet or to the transformer

  3. Ideal addition for devices with analog output (4 - 20 mA)

  4. Ideal addition for thermometers with temperature transmitters

  5. Can be used with TT30 signal converter

  6. Display of measured values possible in % or °C

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