Oil level accessories

Our accessories for oil level indicators offer optimal solutions for power supply and electrical remote display.

MESSKO® EI 100/160

The EI 100/160 electronic display enables the remote display of a temperature or percentage value of any sensor. This is displayed using an analog…
+ Remote display
+ Attachment in the control cabinet or to the transformer
+ Ideal addition for devices with analog output (4 - 20 mA)


PSLC242 devices are ready-to-connect, unregulated power supply units. The power supply units are suitable for mains voltages of 230 V~ as well as 115…
+ DC supply 24 V / 1,5 A
+ Cap rail installation

MESSKO® Power Supply SNT 36

SNT 36 devices are ready-to-connect switching power supplies. These wide-range power supplies are designed for line voltages of 85 V~ to 270 V~, for…
+ DC supply 24 V / 1.5 A
+ Cap rail installation
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