Solutions for measuring and monitoring your most critical transformer elements

Various thermometer, oil level indicators, flow indicators and other accessories to indicate the operating status of your transformer - our product series offer a broad selection of analog and digital monitoring devices for every type of transformer and various application possibilities.


MESSKO® COMPACT series devices prove their quality under extreme climatic conditions. The closed system allows measured values to be read off clearly…
+ Latest technology for precise signal transmission to the output
+ Extremely durable and reliable without readjustment or recalibration
+ Safe function even in case of vibrations and extreme outdoor conditions


The modular MESSKO® TRASY2 temperature measuring system is suited for measuring oil and winding temperatures (thermal image) in medium or large…
+ Bourdon tube measuring system without additional mechanical parts
+ Extremely durable and reliable without readjustment or recalibration
+ Safe function even in case of vibrations and extreme outdoor conditions


MESSKO® BETECH® thermometers measure the oil and winding temperature (thermal image) in power transformers. The thermometers consist of a temperature…
+ Expansion bellows technology
+ High switching loads
+ No readjustment or recalibration over the entire service life


The MR CEDASPE® VT Bourdon thermometers are designed for oil temperature measurement in DT transformers. They are available either as 80 mm indicators…
+ Bourdon-tube measuring system with no additional mechanical parts
+ Housing, connection, stem and capillary made of stainless steel
+ Extremely durable and reliable


CEDASPE® BM series is a bimetallic Oil Temperature Indicator without contacts mainly used for application in distribution transformer field. CEDASPE®…
+ BM80 (dial 75 mm) / BM100 (dial 95 mm)
+ Bulb style F, M and PK
+ Execution NT (radial rigid stem) and BE (back entry rigid stem)


MESSKO® MTO oil level indicators are measuring devices with or without main switching contacts. They are especially well suited for fill level…
+ Separation of sensor and display, element with magnetic coupling
+ Optional installation with angle of inclination (15°; 30°; 45°)
+ Laminated composite safety glass with UV filter


The CEDASPE® IFG is a magnetic oil-level indicator used for checking and measuring the oil level inside the conservator. It outputs an analog…
+ Easy to read (inclined mounting)
+ Up to 4 changeover switches
+ Interchangeable with equivalent models of other brands (Japanese design)


The CEDASPE® NFG is a magnetic oil-level indicator used for checking and measuring the oil level inside the conservator. The outcome is an analogic…
+ Up to 4 changeover switches
+ Interchangeable with equivalent models of other brands (Comem)
+ Waterproof - IP 65 protection degree


The CEDASPE® IMLO series, for oil immersed power transformers, give an analogic indication of the oil level inside the conservator; when required, the…
+ Up to 4 changeover switches
+ Interchangeable with equivalent models of other brands (Comem)
+ Waterproof - IP65 protection degree


The CEDASPE® ILRM series vertical float oil level gauge is intended for hermetically sealed distribution transformers without a conservator: it…
+ Connection threaded 1M
+ Hole on the cover tank: 45 mm
+ Top transparent screen with min and pointers


The CEDASPE® PRIS OLG is a oil level gauge that gives an optic indication of the oil level inside a transformer tank or inside a conservator. The…
+ Three dimensions available: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE
+ Window material: tempered glass
+ Standard finish: stainless steel


The CEDASPE® IML series magnetic oil level gauge is used for checking and measuring the oil level in oil-immersed distribution transformers with a…
+ Dial diameters: 65/80/100 mm
+ 3/4 holes round flange execution
+ Waterproof - IP 65 protection degree


The MESSKO® MMK magnetic oil level indicator shows the fill level, without needing a float located in the container. The magnetic level gauge can be…
+ Independent functioning without external power
+ Permanently weatherproof indicator rail


MESSKO® MFLOC 2.0 immediately and reliably detects a pump failure in the coolant circuit of a power transformer. There are various versions for oil,…
+ State-of-the-art paddle design and material – manufactured from glass fiber-reinforced plastic
+ Reworked internal architecture (switch position / new switch cam)
+ Optimized venting


CEDASPE® CCL2 detects the operation of circulation pumps in cooling installations, especially of electric transformers, for detecting the flow of oil…
+ Variants for oil or water available
+ Compact design
+ Pipe diameter: DN 50 up to DN 300


CEDASPE® SCFR2 checks the circulation of dielectric fluids in the cooling installations of electric transformers according to French standard NF C…
+ Two-parts construction with detachable back flange
+ Pipe diameter: DN 80 up to DN 400
+ Flow: from 0,5 m/s up to 3 m/s


ZT-F2 is a temperature transmitter for TRASY2 which is required for measuring winding temperature with TRASY2. It offers quick and easy configuration…
+ Installation possible in all common thermometer pockets in accordance with EN50216-4


The proven MESSKO® TT PWM61 and TT-PWM62 temperature sensors contribute to the safe operation of power transformers. With the TT PWM61 and TT-PWM62…
+ All evaluation and transmission electronics installed in the standard DIN head
+ Connection via already installed Coninvers device plugs (optional cable connectors)
+ RS485 signal output / 24 V DC voltage supply

MESSKO® Multi-Ballast

The universal ballast transforms the CT currents of 1 A, 1.5 A, 3 A, 4 A and 5 A to the current required for the thermal image. The ballast is suited…
+ Universal device for the TRASY2 and COMPACT series
+ Transforms 1 A, 1.5 A, 3 A, 4 A and 5 A
+ Different designs available for delivery


The PQ electric coil indicator is a display instrument for installation in control panels. The PQ96/144 coil indicator is available in 96 mm and 144…
+ Coil indicator for control panel installation


D1272AT digital indicators are used for the remote display of the oil or winding temperature and the oil level. They are installed into control…
+ Digital indicator for control panel installation
+ Freely adjustable limit contacts
+ Various output signals

MESSKO® EI 100/160

The EI 100/160 electronic display enables the remote display of a temperature or percentage value of any sensor. This is displayed using an analog…
+ Remote display
+ Attachment in the control cabinet or to the transformer
+ Ideal addition for devices with analog output (4 - 20 mA)


You can use the CT current simulator in the test field, during commissioning or during maintenance of CT-current-powered temperature measurements. It…
+ Use in the test field, during commissioning or during maintenance
+ Compact design specifically for service purposes – easy to transport
+ Simple operation and high functional safety

MESSKO® Thermo well and kick protection

Standard thermo well for installation of the oil thermometer into the thermometer pocket in accordance with DIN 42554. Kick protection against…

MESSKO® Combi Well

The combi well, like the thermo well, is an assembly sleeve for the oil thermometer. It can be installed in the thermometer pocket in accordance with…


Using the Pt-MU measuring transducer, the signal of a Pt100 is converted into a standard signal proportional to the temperature. For example, the…
+ Measuring transducer for Pt100


The IgT-MU measuring transducer is used to transform and galvanically isolate direct current or direct voltage into an impressed direct current and…
+ Direct current measuring transducer


PSLC242 devices are ready-to-connect, unregulated power supply units. The power supply units are suitable for mains voltages of 230 V~ as well as 115…
+ DC supply 24 V / 1,5 A
+ Cap rail installation


The portable MZT1650S calibration bath reliably checks the thermometers for transformers and industrial systems. The rear part of the rugged steel…
+ Reliable testing of thermometers in transformer and industrial systems
+ Mobile applicable

MESSKO® Power Supply SNT 36

SNT 36 devices are ready-to-connect switching power supplies. These wide-range power supplies are designed for line voltages of 85 V~ to 270 V~, for…
+ DC supply 24 V / 1.5 A
+ Cap rail installation


The CEDASPE® TESS series of liquid filled thermometers is designed for measuring oil temperature in distribution transformers. This pointer type…
+ Nominal Diameter: 100 mm
+ Max pointer with external reset
+ Compensation of ambient temperature changes
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