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21.06.2021 Products and Services

Power Quality new on "Ausschreiben.de"

Solutions to improve voltage quality and network efficiency, networked from the start at AUSSCHREIBEN.DE! True to our motto "Quality starts with voltage"!

Since the beginning of March 2021, MR has been represented with the Power Quality division at Germany's largest database portal for tenders.


"Here, engineering offices and specialist planners can download tender texts and important information on the topic of power quality in general and our GRIDCON® ACF active filter and directly transfer them to their tenders," say Jonas Epperlein and Martin Klempert, PQ Sales Engineers from Berlin.

In the catalog, they will find dimensioning aids, tender texts and helpful documents for the products from the "Total Hamonic Solution" (Harmonic Filter Portfolio) to ensure standard-compliant line voltage quality.

MR has the leading technology in active filters, the application of the modular technology takes place from building services, chemical industry, automotive industry to public networks. 

  • Automatic compliance with permissible harmonic limits according to EN 50160 / IEC EN 61000-2-4 / IEEE 519 standards
  • Broadband filtering prevents additional heating of equipment by selectively reducing voltage distortion up to the 51st harmonic.
  • Flexible - For all voltage levels up to 690V with a high power density in a small space: Up to 500 A in one control cabinet and protection class IP 54 possible.