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02.08.2019 Products and ServicesProjects

Million-Euro projects for Power Quality in Sri Lanka

Power Quality continues on the road to succes

The Business Unit Power Quality (PQ) has been continuously working on the expansion of the energy supplier infrastructure in the island state of Sri Lanka since 1998. Last week another seven 5 Mvar-33kV filter circuit systems with a total capacity of 35 Mvar were handed over to the local customer. These seven plants represented the remaining of 51 filter circuit plants (5 Mvar 33kV each) which have been ordered and installed in the 33kV distribution network in Sri Lanka since 2014.

PQ has been installing filter circuit systems in the island state of Sri Lanka since 1998. With the last seven plants handed over, the number has increased to 71 in a total of 17 substations.

And the successful PQ market development in Sri Lanka continues. Currently, project work is starting on three further MSCDNs¹ in the 132kV voltage level. After completion of the 33 kV projects, PQ was thus able to secure another million-euro project immediately. The continuing success story is the result of a group-wide cooperation of PQ sales, including local representation (SRS Pty. Ltd.), PQ network planning Reinhausen 2e d.o.o (RSI Slovenia) and PQ project implementation. The PQ competence in consulting, planning and implementation, which has been recognized by the customer for years, has made this success possible in Sri Lanka.

¹ MSCDN = Mechanical Switched Capacitors in Damped Networks. MSCDN's represent a "state of the art" standard for mechanically switched capacitor banks/filter circuit systems in the high-voltage range.

In Sri Lanka, 33kV filter circuit systems contribute to a significant reduction of the harmonic network load in the distribution and transmission network. More than twenty years of cooperation between PQ and CEB have contributed to the standardization of the 33kV filter circuit systems in Sri Lanka.