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World Premiere - Harmonic Filtering Plug & Play

"Total Harmonic Solution" from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) simplifies compliance with IEC/IEEE harmonic limits in power supply networks - cost-optimized and for years without any user intervention.


Problems with harmonics in electrical networks are often complicated. Not only the range of interactions and causes is high - also the solutions offer a variety of different concepts, which often require a high level of expert knowledge for the selection and parameterization. With the Total Harmonic Solution, MR presents a clearly structured portfolio that combines the advantages of passive and active line filters.

The concept is based on standardized passive filters and active modules. The active modules are used for demand-based filtering of harmonics in a wide frequency range, and the software has been extensively revised: "We combine the advantages of current- and voltage-guided control with intelligent self-parameterization, which allows our GRIDCON® ACF active filter to permanently optimize its effect. We have paid particular attention to ease of operation. In combination with the passive extensions GRIDCON® CHF (Classic Harmonic Filter) and SHU (Supraharmonics Unit), we can get a grip on any power quality problem occurring in low-voltage networks without much effort," says development manager Matthias Jacobi.

Thanks to the new software solution in the GRIDCON® ACF active filter, operation without current transformers is possible. The control adapts itself independently and with high precision to the respective network and its specific oscillation behavior. This not only enables easy commissioning, but is particularly important if the network or the load structure changes over time. The parameterization is directly oriented to the actual filter task, in that all harmonics are continuously monitored and automatically limited to their respective permissible levels when critical values are reached. Standard levels according to IEC are preset at the factory. If current transformers are used, IEEE specifications can also be met - a true plug and play solution.

Thanks to these new features, GRIDCON® ACF reliably protects against limit violations in the complete operating range up to 2.5 kHz (or 3 kHz at 60 Hz mains frequency) for years and without user intervention, and even acts against mains resonances.

The voltage distortion can be improved specifically and selectively at any connection point in a power network (public, industrial or on board ships). Even if the device is significantly undersized for this purpose, it always achieves a positive effect with maximum system performance and can be expanded on a modular basis if required.

The new MR Active Filter is also specially optimized for parallel operation with passive filters and compensation systems. In many industrial networks, passive filters or conventional compensation systems are in operation, which have a positive and often even completely sufficient filtering effect on the low, especially the 5th harmonics. To reduce the interference levels of higher harmonics, the installation of an active filter is a good solution. Unlike conventional active filters, the GRIDCON® ACF can specifically support the passive filters or compensation systems installed in parallel and thus protect them from overloads as well as independently replace them up to their own performance limit in case of failure. This does not require any communication between the devices, the filters can be installed at a distance from each other - even in different halls.

In combination with the active filter, a particularly economical solution for supraharmonics can be realized. The passive filter modules (SHU) can be retrofitted and have a broadband attenuating effect in the higher frequency range up to approx. 10 kHz. In the harmonic range, on the other hand, they have an amplifying effect and are therefore neutralized with the optimized control of the GRIDCON® ACF.

In addition, MR as a manufacturer of both passive and active filter solutions has created the completely redesigned passive filter GRIDCON® CHF (Classic Harmonic Filter), a further simplified, robust and service-friendly system solution, which always represents an economically interesting solution if only the 5th harmonic is to be filtered over the expected service life. The device is optimized for industrial networks and has a fixed tuning frequency with a wide overload range that is precisely monitored by measurement. The filter effect and the utilization of the filter are visualized in a user-friendly manner.

From these innovations follows the holistic system approach Total Harmonic Solution from the three freely combinable components:

GRIDCON® CHF for 5th harmonic.
GRIDCON® ACF for 3rd to 51st harmonics and
SHU filter modules for broadband attenuation in the higher frequency range up to 10 kHz.
This includes the newly developed GRIDCON® ACF software, which is always fully usable, as well as easy-to-understand selection aids and templates for planners.

Total Harmonic Solution enables individual and particularly economical solutions that achieve more filter effect with less power.