29.11.2018 Events

MRcademy® 2018 in Suzhou

On 27 October, MR China (MRT) hosted an MRcademy® in Suzhou for a special occasion: the 150th anniversary of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen.

The attendees gained extensive insight into the company. In addition to a wide array of MR products, MRT also presented technical solutions.

A total of 150 customers were invited to this event to witness and share MR’s expertise and technology. In the foyer in front of the meeting hall, the customers were able to peruse an overview of MR's long and eventful company history. Inside the hall, attendees were treated to various outstanding speeches. To start things off, MRT General Manager Thorsten Stohr and MRT Sales Director Tina Yang gave a comprehensive introduction to MR's latest innovations in the field of tap-changer technology. They then presented the various products and their fields of application in more detail.  Among other things, they explained why the new generation of the VACUTAP® VR is the optimum on-load tap-changer for use in HVDC systems and how the ECOTAP VPD turns distribution grid transformers into regulating transformers which keep voltage stable in public, industrial, and private distribution grids. They also highlighted the advantages of innovative motor drive solutions with integrated monitoring. To close out the morning's events, MR experts Tobias Breinl (Sales Manager Automation and Control) and Michael Pfaller (Regional Sales Manager Asset Management) presented two new MR products: ETOS® ("Embedded Transformer Operation System"), the world's first open operating system for intelligent transformers; and EXPIOTECH MMS, the intelligent drying system for transformers in operation.

In the afternoon, attendees were able to choose between one of two sessions that took place at the same time. Attendees had the following topics to choose from based on their interests:

  • Alternative fluids (possible insulating fluids, requirements for regulated power transformers)
  • Oil analyses for maximum operational reliability (DGA analyses, other analysis procedures)
  • Power Quality solutions for stable grids
  • Transformer service (solutions and services for servicing and maintaining tap changers and power transformers)

But the event didn’t just consist of theoretical content. After the speeches at the conference hotel, attendees had the opportunity to tour the MR production plant in Suzhou. From the showroom to the training center to the production line, the participants were able to gain an understanding of how MR guarantees its renowned quality for both imported products and products produced on site.
The day concluded in a festival atmosphere on the field next to the factory where a large tent had been set up specifically for MRcademy. This gave us the opportunity to thank every participant in a typical Bavarian manner. The positive feedback we heard from our customers affirmed to us that it was a successful event.