23.10.2018 Projects

First UVT-LTX Retrofit Project in Mexico

In August 2018, Reinhausen Mexico (RMX) successfully completed the first UVT-LTX retrofit project in Mexico in order to help a company located in the Mexican state of Nuevo León which was having problems with a UVT on-load tap-changer manufactured by Westinghouse in 1981. The UVT needed to be repaired because the aged vacuum interrupters were causing disruptions of the monitoring system.

RMX evaluated the case and, as the best and quickest solution, proposed a VACUTAP® UVT-LTX retrofit which involves the replacement of the UVT’s vacuum interrupters, monitoring system and regulation, among other components, by new standard components of the VACUTAP® RMV-II.  The main advantage of this solution was that it was not necessary to open the transformer or to drain its oil, nor was it necessary to weld any parts between the on-load tap-changer and the transformer.  With this modification, the customer now also has continuous access to spare parts and certified service technicians as well as MR’s global support.

In less than three days, the customer was able to reenergize the transformer with an on-load tap-changer that will need its first inspection only after it reaches 500,000 operations.  Thanks to this retrofit, the customer can ensure that operation and production will be maintained at a high performance level because:

  • no shutdowns are required to inspect or repair the on-load tap-changer unlike for the old UVT which had to be opened whenever a disruption of the monitoring system of the vacuum interrupters arose;
  • the inspections required by the service protocol of the UVT after every 17,000 operations are no longer needed; and
  • if a disruption does occur, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the availability of one of the small number of trained personnel who are able to work with Westinghouse on-load tap-changers.

After two months in service, the customer is satisfied with the updated on-load tap-changer and its performance.