MR monitoring system – know what's going on

More than 40 years of electronic voltage regulation and more than 10 years of monitoring expertise have allowed us to continually develop and improve our monitoring systems.

Our monitoring solutions measure and calculate the most important operating states of the transformer and its components. This enables them to fulfill all current standards. Sensors can be connected via digital or analog inputs. The operating states are displayed locally in a browser and can be sent to the control room using conventional control system protocols. This is a perfect method for monitoring the operating states of your equipment. Users also have the option of adding automation tasks (e.g. cooling system control, automatic voltage regulation) to our monitoring systems. Thanks to ISM® Intuitive Control Interface (IICI), on-site commissioning can be carried out quickly and easily with an intuitive graphical interface.

The TAPGUARD® series monitors MR on-load tap-changers. Our expert knowledge spanning four decades was used in the development of this technology. In addition to the tap changer, the TRAFOGUARD® monitors the transformer and all its components. These systems have a modular design, which allows them to be configured to fulfill various requirements for monitoring and controlling power transformers.