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Stable grid thanks to reactive power

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen supports Amprion with MSCDN system to improve power quality at substation in Sechtem in Bornheim (Germany)

German transmission grid operator Amprion has commissioned Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) to supply a GRIDCON® MSCDN (Mechanically Switched Capacitor with Damping Net-work) system. The 380kV substation will be installed in Sechtem in Bornheim (Germany) and is scheduled to go into operation in September 2022. It will provide a stable power supply by flexibly compensating for temporary voltage fluctuations with the help of reactive power. The solution was developed and implemented in a consortium with Omexom Umspannwerke GmbH.

For power transmission with alternating current, reactive power is essential to keep the voltage level stable. Reactive power makes it possible to raise or lower the grid voltage as needed – and has so far been generated primarily by large generators in central power plants. In the course of the energy transition, many of these are being taken off the grid and operators such as Amprion are relying on new technologies for the provision of reactive power.

These include systems such as GRIDCON® MSCDN, that provide reactive power for staged voltage regulation while also improving the voltage quality and effectively dampen harmonic components in the grid. GRIDCON® MSCDN features a compact design and is implemented as a so-called C-type filter circuit with divided capacitances and damping resistance. In addition, loss-optimized choke coils are used. The system is switched on phase-selectively with low transient inrush currents by means of a controlled power switch.

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