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13.02.2024 CompanyEvents

The Power behind Power

MR sponsors RE.LIGHT Festival in Regensburg

National and international light artists will transform thirteen public squares in the historic old town into magical places at the first Regensburg RE.LIGHT International Light Art Festival from March 14-24, 2024. Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) is one of the sponsors of the innovative event format.

We are supporting this innovative light art event for several reasons. Firstly, there is the connection to the city of Regensburg, where we have been at home as a large family business for over 150 years. We also like the international focus, which fits in with our global business. Above all, however, RE.LIGHT has a lot to do with our products, which ensure that electricity is always available at the right voltage worldwide. Our company claim sums it up: We are The Power behind Power.

For ten days, works of light art will illuminate the city every day from 6 pm to 10 pm. In Kapellengasse, Swiss artist Sophie Guyot will integrate an event from MR's company history into her installation "The Stardust Memory Project". The venues are spread throughout the old town: from the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte to the Steinerne Brücke to the Dreieinigkeitskirche and Minoritenkirche, in squares, barns and courtyards. Visitors are guided by a signage system, with explanations of the artwork and the route of the tour provided at all venues. The M26 in Maximilianstraße serves as the festival headquarters. All information and combined tickets for the Minoritenskirche and Dreieinigkeitskirche are available here. Otherwise admission is free.

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