11.10.2023 CompanyProducts and Services

Implementation of the digital operating manual via myReinhausen

We are taking the next step toward digitalization and sustainability and, starting October 1, 2023, will no longer offer our operating instructions in paper form as standard, but digitally via our central digital customer platform myReinhausen.

Without signing a mutual waiver between the customer and MR, it is now possible to offer the customer-specific documentation purely digitally after adapting the Machinery Ordinance last year and only send the printed version in exceptional cases. We started the changeover on 1.10.2023 for all products manufactured in Regensburg, with others to follow successively thereafter.
For us and our customers, foregoing the documentation box with extensively printed operating instructions has several advantages:

  • More environmentally friendly and sustainable process by eliminating the need for paper and therefore significantly lower carbon footprint.
  • Easier access and better organization of documents through the central digital repository in our Customer Platform myReinhausen.
  • Improved efficiency and security through enhanced delivery speed, cost savings, and the highest security standards.
  • Permanent, loss-free and flexible access to operating instructions and other information over the entire life cycle of the products.

In the future, a note will be enclosed with the box informing about the options for calling up the operating instructions. As soon as the ordered products are ready for delivery, each customer will receive an e-mail with a direct link to the documents. These can be downloaded and stored digitally without the need for portal registration. If registration with myReinhausen has already taken place, the associated documents can also be accessed via myLibrary and the selection of the corresponding product.

Overall, the conversion reduces effort and costs for all sides and enables state-of-the-art digital field service support that is always up-to-date and saves valuable resources, regardless of paper copies.

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