20.11.2023 CompanyEvents

DC Partner Days in Berlin

A complete success: From 8-9 November, the EQ team welcomed partner companies and organizations from German-speaking countries and the Benelux countries to Berlin to discuss the topic of "Local DC grids". In addition to various specialist presentations, the main focus was on extensive networking. The event was held at the new office in the former Tegel Airport in Berlin.

Around 40 participants accepted EQ's invitation to discuss the current status and enormous potential of DC technology with a wide range of participants from manufacturers, integrators and users to research institutes and universities.

Right at the beginning, the participants were given a tour of the former customs building at Tegels Airport, which now houses a coworking center for companies in the greentech sector and where MR also has its offices In general, the first day was characterised by practical reports from the participants: the companies Izaac Energy from Hamburg, DC-Systems from the Netherlands and MR itself reported on their experiences with DC projects and applications in the market. It became clear that demand and interest in DC applications are very high, but that there is still a lack of products and standards on the market. The presentations concluded with a tour of the brand new "System Integration Center" for DC, where MR tests its new DC products in operation at the site and demonstrates them to external guests.

Exciting presentations were also on the agenda for the second day. Speaker Marco Stieneker told participants more about the ODCA and Current/OS interest groups, while the FEN research campus in Aachen provided insights into the test and training center for DC there. The participants were given an overview of the business with charging infrastructure projects, in which DC technology is also to be used, by the company Shell. MR expert Stephan Rupp then provided a general outlook on future product developments on the market.

Marco Stieneker, Head of DC Power Applications, was very satisfied with the event and was pleased with the lively and positive discussions among the participants. His positive conclusion: "In the end, everyone is pulling together to advance DC technology on the market as a whole."

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