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POWER ON - This is the podcast for everyone who is interested in trends and challenges of the energy sector or who works in the field of energy technology. As host, industry expert Christian Schaider welcomes experts to talk about topics related to the energy transition, the transformer and new technologies in energy generation. In fascinating discussions, they explain how a stable and cost-effective energy supply can be ensured worldwide and answer questions such as:  What a transformer oil sample has in common with the human blood count, why the energy transition is taking place in the distribution grids and how green hydrogen will complement the power supply in the future.

Latest episode

Latest episode

S1E5: Extend or end: What you can do to maximize the life of your transformers

In order to keep assets in operation for as long as possible and extend their service lifespan, utilities and grid operators need a clear picture of the condition of their fleet. This is the only way to select suitable strategies and plan measures and resources. As an expert in innovative solutions at MR, Alexei Babizki provides insight into the optimal condition assessment of transformers.

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S1E5: Extend or end: What you can do to maximize the life of your transformers - Guest: Alexei Babizki

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