30.07.2021 CompanyProjects

Four become one – C.a.p.t. at a new location

From different production plants to a brand new building, C.a.p.t. has reunited all the operations in July 2021.

Via Rizzi 2, Trissino, Italy: this the new address of C.a.p.t. S.r.l., affiliated company of MR and manufacturer of de-energized tap changers for distribution and power transformers.



Constantly oriented to the future since 1972, C.a.p.t. has been developing new solutions to satisfy its customers to keep its strong position on the market.


After joining the Reinhausen Group in 2013, the established new plant has reunited the four previous locations spread across the town of Trissino in northern Italy under the MR logo: with the new facility, operations and processes will be optimized to serve customers with even more efficiency and quality.

We want to thank everyone for the great effort and look forward to providing you with additional news from C.a.p.t. in the future!

You will find us now at Via Rizzi, number 2 in 36070 Trissino