RPC at the Elecrama

This year Reinhausen Power Composites (RPC) participated in the Elecrama trade show (Jan. 20 - 24) in Mumbai, India for the first time and exhibited its products there. The Elecrama takes place every two years. Its more than 1000 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors make it the world's largest trade show for electro technology.

RPC presented the ReCoTec® composite insulator and the ROTAFIL® GFK (glass fiber reinforced plastic) tubes at the trade show. The specialized public expressed keen interest in the exhibited products. The RPC booth attracted a great deal of attention on all five days of the trade fair and our RPC colleagues were able to hold many specialized discussions.

The conversations revealed that only very few composite insulators have been used in India up to now. However, many device manufacturers, consultants and end customers are planning on using composite insulators in the near future and attended the Elecrama for just that reason - to learn more about this new (to them) technology. RPC was able to impress the guests with their products and many interested people wanted concrete offers for the ReCoTec®.