06.12.2019 Projects

Smallest high-speed resistor-type tap-changer in the Gulf of Mexico

Reinhausen México (RMX) supplies ECOTAP® VPD® for an oil and gas platform

There is little space on oil platforms. This is also the case on an offshore gas and oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. For this reason, transformer manufacturer DEEMSA (Diseño y Equipos Eléctricos de México SA de CV), which manufactured two transformers (8,000 kVA, 33/4.16 kV) for the platform, opted for our ECOTAP® VPD®. Thanks to its compactness, it was the perfect and most economical solution for ensuring stable voltage conditions.

In October 2019, Reinhausen México (RMX) delivered the first two ECOTAP® VPD® on-load tap-changers to the Mexican transformer manufacturer DEEMSA.  In addition to the small space requirement, the ECOTAP® VPD® offers another decisive advantage:  Due to the special safety regulations on the oil platform, the transformer is filled with natural ester oil.  Our ECOTAP® VPD® has been approved for use with this special insulating fluid following extensive tests with natural and synthetic insulating fluids that were carried out in our company.

The on-load tap-changer was supplied with an automatic voltage regulator with monitoring functions for transformer and on-load tap-changer.  The system consists of a voltage regulator, which can optionally measure voltage and current in all three phases of the transformer, as well as digital inputs and outputs so that signals from the transformer accessories can be monitored and the position of the on-load tap-changer as well as alarms and events can be transmitted via BCD code.  All this information is transmitted to the operator's SCADA system via the Modbus TCP-IP protocol.  In this way, the customer has all the information about his transformers at his disposal in the data center.  An additional advantage of this special automatic voltage regulator is that the transformer then fulfills the requirements of industry 4.0.

An RMX specialist was already on site at DEEMSA during the manufacturing process of the transformer and supported the installation of the OLTC in the transformer as well as the programming of the voltage regulator.  This is our performance promise:  100% customer orientation.

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