29.08.2018 Products and Services

ETOS® – The First Open Standard for Digitalizing Power Transformers

With increasing demands being placed on energy networks and the average age of power transformers rising, intelligent equipment is becoming a must-have. Through ETOS® (Embedded Transformer Operating System), Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) is providing a first – an open, modular system solution for automating power transformers. The system as a whole comprises monitoring and security equipment, sensors, field devices for control, regulation, and monitoring, plus superordinate fleet monitoring – achieving optimized operations management with maximum operational reliability while simultaneously reducing life-cycle costs.

ETOS® is the practical automation solution for transformers from all manufacturers and of all ages – for either an individual transformer or a whole fleet. Operating at the field level on the transformer, ETOS® forms the central communication and data interface between the process level and the control level. To suit different customer requirements, it supports the modular integration of functions in the areas of control, regulation, monitoring, and the tap-changer drive. At the process level, it is possible to link all conventional and intelligent sensors as well as protective devices for transformers and tap changers. Even sensors from third-party manufacturers can be integrated with ease via standardized interfaces. ETOS® processes and transmits the aggregated signals and information using standardized control system protocols. Fiber-optic cables then transfer the signals and information to the control level so that superordinate visualization and control of the transformer fleet can take place. Users have an extensive range of options available in this regard, including their own SCADA and cloud systems as well as the TESSA® fleet monitoring solution from MR.

Open Operating System for Transformers
ETOS® is available in a range of designs and housing types, and can be installed on any transformer – in the form of pluggable modules, a stand-alone version in a control cabinet, or an integration solution in a motor-drive unit, depending on the requirements. Retrofitting on existing transformers is also an option, including a customized all-inclusive package of additional services and components if desired by the customer. As the equipment is easy to install on the transformer and data is transmitted via fiber-optic cables, hardly any wiring is required.

Automation and communication solutions for power transformers – the most important assets in the energy transmission & distribution system – provide the answer to the challenges that are currently being faced in grid and operations management, and will continue to be faced in the future. ETOS® represents the first operating system for power transformers that is both open and independent of any specific manufacturer. It networks and manages all the components and systems in the transformer. Its visualization is extremely user friendly and highly intuitive, and its information can be shown on a range of displays (MMIs) as well as mobile devices.

Monitor – Control – Regulate
Not only is it possible to connect intelligent or conventional sensors and protective devices, but all the functions that the user requires can also be represented in ETOS® through modular packages. These include transformer monitoring, cooling-unit monitoring and control, tap-changer monitoring, online DGA monitoring, voltage regulation, bushing monitoring, the tap-changer drive function, and many other functions that can be integrated via freely programmable inputs and outputs.

Security is Top Priority
In the field of energy-supply, security – including cyber security – is the top priority. ETOS® provides a state-of-the-art solution in this respect too, covering everything from product architecture to support. It includes an integrated firewall, encrypted communication, role-based access control, external auditing, and product security management by a dedicated CERT team.

ETOS® – Pure Intelligence for Transformers
Thanks to its function-integration abilities, ETOS® is a single-source, complete solution for automated, real-time monitoring of all equipment. Not only does it deliver maximum operational reliability, it also reduces life-cycle costs and increases the service life of equipment. Furthermore, ETOS® makes it possible to establish a maintenance strategy based on knowledge and actual conditions.

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