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SGB-SMIT Group - Regensburg, Germany

The use of ETOS® makes it possible to combine individual secondary cabinets and tap-changer drives with each other, thus providing an optimally coordinated and advanced system for each of our customers.

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Important information about the project

  • High costs through multiple secondary cabinets
  • Significant outlay for individual development and installation of a mechanical drive that must be coupled with the OLTC and averaged
MR solution
  • The use of an intelligent ETOS® TD head drive makes a mechanical linkage redundant.
  • 1 cabinet solution: Drive with integrated cooling system control including motor protection devices, cabinet for signal terminals and intelligent monitoring Features. An individually tailored and expandable solution for the customer.
Customer benefits
  • Investment in several different secondary cabinets is not necessary
  • Savings in engineering and assembly of a mechanical tap-changer linkage
  • Standardized and expandable system for regulating and monitoring a power transformer

Dr. Jan Declercq, CTO at SGB-SMIT Group


“The new, open operating system for power transformers allows us to provide our customers with key advantages: We network our transformers with our customers’ digital environments, increase reliability, and maximize flexibility with regard to connecting components and accommodating the requirements of asset management.”


Digitalization of transformers

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