Internship abroad

Work meets culture.

Are you interested in foreign countries and cultures? Are you constantly seeking out new adventures and experiences?

And do you want to work in a global environment? Then join the global Reinhausen Group and gain practical experience at our sales and service branches in metropolitan areas such as Shanghai, Sydney and Seoul.



Your field of study Through our wide array of technology areas and departments, we offer opportunities in a variety of disciplines, including computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and economics.
Possible operating scope Sales, technical support, business development, etc.
Length of internship At least 3 months, no more than 6 months
Application deadlines By the end of September for the following year
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Confirmation No later than 4 weeks after receipt of your application
Remuneration €534.00/month through 3rd semester; €1,026.00/month as of 4th semester
Other benefits Costs for flight, visa and vaccinations covered, up to €500/month additionally for suitable accommodation

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