VACUTAP® VR® for First Phase Shifting Transformer in India

315 MVA BHEL phase shifting transformer
315 MVA BHEL phase shifting transformer

Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL) has developed, manufactured and commissioned the first phase shifting transformer (PST) in India. The on-load tap-changer for the PST is a VACUTAP® VR® supplied by Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR).

The PST will be used to improve the flow of electricity between a 400 kV network and a 220 kV network in both directions by providing the required phase shift. The PST was designed to provide a phase shift of +15° and is a flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) device which is a combination of a shunt transformer and a series transformer.

The OLTC for the first 315 MVA phase shifting transformer in India was delivered by Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen. It´s a VACUTAP® VR® 3-phase OLTC.

The commissioning of the PST will reduce the loading of the existing 220 kV lines and enable power transmission through the 400 kV lines, thereby improving the transmission efficiency of both the 400 kV and the 220 kV lines. Additionally, a grid collapse can be avoided in cases of system instability. The Telangana State Power Generation Corporation in southern India will operate this transformer which is installed at the Kothagudem Thermal Power Station (KTPS) Stage-VI in Telangana.


VACUTAP® VR® from Maschinefabrik Reinhausen                                              Sight location: Kothagudem Thermal Power Station in Telangana state