New Products at the 50th IEEE Show in Chicago

The 50th Annual IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Expo in Chicago during the week of April 14-17, 2014 was a great success. The show, which is the largest in North America and occurs only every two years, had more than 800 exhibitors and 15,000 attendees.

Participating from the REINHAUSEN Group were our local subsidiary Reinhausen Manufacturing (RM), MESSKO, Power Composites (RPC) and in addition HIGHVOLT. From the OLTC segment, we wowed the visitors with the VACUTAP® VM for HVDC applications and the latest variant of the VACUTAP® RMV-II with attached motor drive TAPMOTION® MD-III. Its modular design proved to pique the interest of the visitors. Just on the other side of the RMV-II was the VACUTAP® UVT-LTX model. Guests were impressed by our claim of complete UVT-to-RMV retrofits in just 4 days!

HIGHVOLT’s LiMOS model and the ten-foot ReCoTec Insulator were certainly attention grabbers. Our Automation & Control specialists stayed busy answering technical questions and demonstrating the brand new voltage regulator TAPCON® with ISM® technology and TrafoSIM/DriveSIM products. Messko had a robust range of the latest products including the new MLog®, MPreC® Test Bench, MTeC® 303, c.a.p.t. De-Energized Tap Changers and the soon-to-be mobile PrimeLab®. Our experts Dr. Uwe Kaltenborn and Mr. Dominic Pollaro gave remarkable presentations during a scheduled “Infosession.” Asset management and advanced maintenance solutions were the topics presented and garnered much discussion. The next IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Expo is slated for May 2-5, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.