VACUTAP® VR for Argentine wind park

The wind park project “Arauco“ was officially opened in the Argentine province of La Rioja in the middle of this year. With a performance capacity of 25 MW, the wind power station supplies more than 30,000 homes in La Rioja with energy. Twelve wind turbines generate the electricity, and a 30 MVA transformer (voltage 138kV) of the Argentine manufacturer Tadeo Czerweny converts it. A VACUTAP® VRC and a TAPCON® 230 from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) ensure that constant voltage conditions always prevail.

The wind park is operated by the utility companies SAPEM (75%) and ENARSA (25%), and it was designed by IMPSA. By the end of year, the park will double in size, and expansion to 24 turbines has already begun. A second transformer will operate in the extended plant. This will of course once again be equipped with an MR VACUTAP® VR.