Yueyue Hu

    Education: B.A. with a major in English
    Position: Assistant to the General Manager
    At MR since: 2006

    "When I began studying at MRT, I was young and inexperienced. Everything was so new—there were challenges for me around every corner. Now I've been at it for seven years and have since become the Assistant to the Sales Manager. You could say that MR and I grew together during this period.

    What do I consider to be my highlights at MR? I worked with my colleagues to set up a primary school in the Zhongshan mountains in 2012. MR started supporting this volunteer program in 2011 as part of the official "Love Library" child welfare program. We read, played and restored the library together with the kids. I thought the children's curiosity was really touching, as was the fact that they were so inquisitive despite the difficult living conditions they were in. I think it's great that MR organizes activities like this. They show us the large amount of responsibility we have.

    MR is more than just an employer to me. The company looks after our well-being and provides us with a lot of knowledge. Alongside my husband and my child, my colleagues have also become part of my family. This makes me look forward to work every morning, even if life occasionally settles into a certain daily routine."