Katrin Neudecker

    Education: Specialist for warehouse logistics

    "I decided on training as a specialist in warehouse logistics due to the fact this is a formal course of training that includes aspects related to both administrative and technical training. This means I not only learn clerical work, I also get to complete basic training for metalworking or another field and gain insight into areas involved in assembly. This combination adds a lot of variety to my training.

    At MR, I particularly like that you feel welcome in every new area after changing departments. My fellow employees are extremely nice and helpful, which makes working with them lots of fun. The introduction days at the start of my training were one of my personal training highlights so far. During the event you have the opportunity to get to know all of the other new trainees.

    After completing my three years of training, I definitely want to continue my education at MR and potentially become a business specialist for purchasing and logistics. The best advice I can give is to apply to MR!"