DEETAP® DU regulates first intelligent 750kV transformer substation worldwide

On March 1, 2011 the State Grid Corporation of China put its intelligent 750 kV transformer substation in Yan’an (province of Shanxi) into operation. This station has the highest operating voltage in the world. The transformer substation is equipped with four DEETAP® DU de-energized tap-changers from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen.

The government-owned energy company State Grid is mainly responsible for the reliability and safety of network operation, as well as its construction. In 2009, the company developed a concept for setting up a stable, intelligent power network. Four pilot transformer substations were assigned, of which Yan’an was one. Around 580 million RMB (corresponds to €60 million, US$89 million) was invested in the plant, which covered over 12,000 m2. “The transformer substation is one of the most advanced of its kind, with its innovative technologies in power control and communication“, says Qin Ma, the deputy chief engineer of the Shanxi Electric Power Company.

As nobody monitors the plant locally, high safety requirements exist. Fault-free operation must be ensured. In addition to a modern real-time monitoring system, reliable and durable transformers and de-energized tap-changers are essential. No wonder that the MR’s DEETAP® DU was chosen. Since its market launch, around 3,500 are now in operation worldwide. These MR de-energized tap-changers are also installed in the first long-distance communication line for ultra-high voltage in the world, in South-East China, from Shanxi via Nanyang to Jingmen. Long-term practical operation demonstrates the outstanding reliability of MR products time after time.

State Grid refers to the completion of the transformer substation in Yan’an as a breakthrough in the development of intelligent transformer operations, which will guarantee trouble-free, secure power supply from West to East. Markus Klein, managing director of MR China: “We are proud to have had the opportunity to participate in this pioneering Chinese project. This once again demonstrates the outstanding quality of the MR products, as well as the customer’s confidence in us”.


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