Milestone for RPC: the 11,111th ReCoTec® delivered to HSP

The success story of Reinhausen Power Composites (RPC) continues. On Thursday (01.28.2010) the 11,111th ReCoTec® was presented to the HSP Hochspannungsgeräte GmbH during a small ceremony. Accompanied by Bavarian brass music played by the "Musikfabrik Reinhausen" band (Musikfabrik = music factory), HSP General Manager Manfred Meiger and Head of Purchasing Joachim Klinke accepted the composite isolator.

A milestone in the still young history of RPC, the new ReCoTec® will be used in a ±500 kV HVDC project (HVDC = high voltage-direct current transmission) running from Hulunbeier in Mongolia to the Province of Liaoning in the northeast of China. The transmission line will carry 3000 MW of power.

RPC General Manager Jürgen Hauck used this opportunity to thank HSP for the many years of close cooperation. "I am particularly happy that this milestone ReCoTec® is being presented to one of our very first customers," he said. "I also hope that our partner-like relationship will continue into the future and the 111,111th ReCoTec® will also be delivered to HSP," continued Hauck smiling contentedly. Manfred Meiger not only thanked RPC for the productive work together but also for the lively reception put on for him and his colleague Klinke by RPC and the "Musikfabrik" band.