Static var compensators for mining applications

The globally rising demand for copper requires for higher production capacities at the mine sites. Due to that fact more and more greenfield copper mine projects are being developed. Moreover also existing brownfield mining plants are evaluating the extension of their production capacities. This increase of capacities is also demanding for more electrical power consumptions, as the majority of the drives operated in mining plants are electrical drives.

Usually the mine facilities are very often remotely located and connected to the public HV transmission grid. In the past typically harmonic filter systems or only reactive power compensation systems were fully sufficient enough for any power factor requirements or even for mitigation of any voltage/current harmonics problems. But nowadays the gridcode requirements are becoming more restrictive than before. In addition to any harmonic and power factor related requirements, the control of the voltage profile becomes more important. Also the requirements to the response time for any power factor correction measures becomes less.

Because of that and in order to comply with the lastest gridcode requirements the need for dynamic compensation system such as SVC, TCR and STATCOM is increasing as well.

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen´s Power Quality Solution Division (PQ) has been awarded end of 2018 for a delivery of equipment and services for a huge mining extension project in Peru. Part of this mine extension project was the installation of two new grinding mill drives in order to increase the production capacity significantly. For ensurance of grid-compliant operation of the new and the existing plant a 38 Mvar medium voltage harmonic filter system has been required.

After a detailed measurement campaign at site at 4800 m.a.s.l. the necessity for a dynamic compensation systems has been identified. As a consequence of the measurement results a 23 kV 90 Mvar TCR (Thyristor-Controlled-Reactor) has been added to the initial scope of supply. Such a system is mainly characterized by the light triggered MV-thyristor valves and the air-core reactors. Up to 36 kV a direct connection of the thyristors is possible without any additional stepup transformer. As the thyristor valves are the most critical elements in this solution, usually they are installed in a suitable E-House system.

Beneficial is the fact, that the E-House can be fully tested in the factory. Thus valuable time at site during the commissioning can be saved. Also the effort for the installation and the civil work can be optimized.

After a very comprehensive engineering phase, MR-PQ could provide a very compact installation layout for the TCR system, considering the limited space at site and the very high altitude at site. The production of the system could be finalized in Q3/2020 and is now on the way to the mine site in South America.

Of course such TCR system is not only applicable for mining industries. In addition, steel making plants, rolling mill application and even partly renewable energy installations are demanding for high dynamic compensation systems, such as SVC, TCR and STATCOM, in order to fulfil the state of the art gridcode requirements. Additionally above mentioned application cases are also characterized by very high fluctuating/repeating loads. The power of such loads like electrical arc furnaces or rolling mills is often in the range of two digit MW´s.

The Power Quality solution division is part of MR since 1997 and experienced with the design and provision of customized power quality solutions from the first site visit to the hand-over of the project to the customer. Our globally clients appreciating the competent support and the experiences of the high motivated and qualified team.


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