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Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) is part of a new record project. The world's largest furnace transformer has gone into service in Turkey. Three OILTAP® R from MR are ensuring safe operation.

 This edition also contains several articles about asset management. During the course of the year, staff at the Kehl steel works are replacing all 18 OILTAP® M units with VACUTAP® VM® units. An addition to the asset management portfolio has enabled us to enter into a four-year maintenance contract with the Erfurt public utility company. And our new TAPSCAN® VAM® (vibroacoustic measurement) service is proving highly popular, as is demonstrated by an example from Belgium.

 Have you already registered for TRANSFORM 2015? The international industry gathering will take place on 13-15 October in Vienna. Come along and meet the transformer of the future. Be sure to register by 1 October.

Michael Rohde
Managing Director


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