Alert. Effective. Value Steady: MESSKO® MSense® x2.5

Available now, the new oil analysis sensor proves its worth directly on the transformer

Oil analysis sensors have one job to do: they measurably help to extend the service life of cost-intensive oil- and paper-insulated transformers. This requires two qualities: robust technology for lasting functional reliability and an intelligent measuring process for reliable values – and the new MESSKO® MSense® x2.5 delivers both.

Reliable values from intelligent measuring process

Experts agree that hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and moisture in a power transformer’s insulating oil are the primary early indicators of potential thermal and electrical damage in the transformer. The MESSKO® MSense® x2.5 focuses on these early indicators and continually monitors their concentrations.

"In order to eliminate ambient influences, we decided to use a two-stage measuring process. In the first stage, the MSense® measures the surrounding air and therefore also the potential influences which may act on the measuring system through the ambient air. In the second stage, the gases entering the measuring system from the oil are measured. The total concentration of gases is then corrected for the ambient influences so that the final result shown is the actual concentration of the gases in the oil," says Dr. Jürgen Schübel, head of research and development and analytics/diagnostics, explaining the 2-stage measuring process of the MESSKO® MSense® x2.5.

The benefits of the MESSKO® MSense® x2.5 at a glance:

  • Detects hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and moisture in the oil with high precision
  • Highly precise measurements thanks to semiconductor sensors, capacitive moisture sensor, inert measurement chamber, and new 2-stage measuring process
  • Robust stainless steel pipe to protect the gas extraction and measuring unit, available in various lengths
  • Practical manual sampling directly at the oil analysis sensor's measuring point
  • Needs-based parameterization provided by the supplied MESSKO® MSeT® software

Can be used at all times in all locations

Whether fitted directly in the transformer's oil flow via an inlet or retrofitted in an oil loop using a bypass, the MESSKO® MSense® x2.5 can be easily and reliably installed under all conditions. In addition to flexible assembly alternatives, Messko offers its customers extensive oil analyses in its analytics lab and a rapid on-site service through its global network.